Hey friend,

I’m Brittany!

Living Truth Collective began in 2015 as God stirred in my heart a passion for sharing His Truths with others. It was the first time I committed myself to reading through the Bible as a whole. Just a few short pages in, I began to realize the power found in scripture. Through seasons of loss, anxiety, and, at times, depression, God’s Word has been what I’ve clung to as my source of hope. Through it all, I’ve experience first hand the joy that comes with sharing that hope with others.

As a wife and mama to five, I deeply believe in the importance of encouraging one another through God Truths.

It's my passion for this to be a place for women to live, grow, and thrive in God's Truth as we collectively draw closer to Jesus.

Centered on the power of telling our stories, my prayer is that through Living Truth Collective, women are united across all backgrounds and all walks of life to come together, be vulnerable about our brokenness, honest about our struggles, and joyful in our victories.

Through our blogs, resources, and products, I pray you are equipped to KNOW the Truth of God’s Word, EXPERIENCE His Holiness, and be encouraged to SHARE His Truth.



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Here at Living Truth Collective our mission is to give back, spread the gospel of Jesus, and impact the Kingdom. Thanks to your support through your purchases, each year we are able to donate Salvation Bracelets Mission Projects around the world. A percentage of all sales also help fund Missions world-wide. So far, you've help support mission projects and spread the gospel of Jesus in 65 different countries. Collectively we're SHARING Truth!

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