by Brittany Tate

by Brittany Tate

“Just then, a woman who had suffered from bleeding for twelve years approached from behind and touched the end of his robe, for she said to herself, “If I can just touch his robe, I’ll be made well.” Matthew 9:20-21


2021 was a hard year for me. The year began with our family still recovering from the repercussions of COVID left from the year before while grieving the loss of my dad in December, 2020, to ending with my sister passing away from cancer in November of 2021. 

On the other side of it now, I would call that year the heaviest spiritual battle I have ever endured. My mind became clouded with thoughts that seemed so unreal to anyone on the outside but was a tangible reality to me on the inside. 

I have often struggled with anxiety. I have found myself constantly fighting the fears of worse case scenarios anytime I step into a new situation. But through that season, and the 12 months that filled 2021, there seemed to be nothing I could do to fight off my fears. 

There is a darkness that comes with anxiety and that darkness can quickly overshadow your life. For me, the darkness had overcome me. Screams of self-doubt, diminished self-worth, and visions of my worst fears resonated in my mind louder than the calm whispers of Truth. The fiery darts thrown by satan was set ablaze in my mind and had tactfully extinguished the soft whispers of God. I was in an active battle with my mind and my worst enemy was my thoughts.

To everyone on the outside I was fine. I seemed to be living live full-speed with a pep in my step and a smile on my face. But, on the inside, I was weighed down and crippled by my fears and anxiety, unable to move forward in any type of capacity. I was silently struggling alone.

At the time, I was faithfully meeting with a group of steadfast and virtuous women whose goal was to press into Jesus and speak Truth over one another. They were my circle. They were my community. Once a week we would spend time pouring cups of coffee, sitting around a living room, and deeply diving into scripture together.

We had met together so often that our circle became a safe place for us to openly share our struggles and hardships with one another and that’s just what we did. On one faithful Friday morning in February I opened up my heart about what I had been struggling with and when I did, I was met by empathy, love, truth, and comfort. 

Over the years, my community has been there for me and I’ve been there for them too. There have been times when we have each struggled individually but it has never stopped us from showing up for one another. It has never stopped us from investing in one another and bringing each other closer to Jesus. 

Through that time in my life, my community was who I called when fear echoed in my mind. They were who I could cry with when I became overwhelmed. They spoke Truth over me and to me. They prayed for me. They kept God’s Word active in my life. They showed up for me.

Matthew 9 mentions a woman who had suffered from bleeding for 12 years. Her desire to be healed led her to the physical proximity of Jesus and gave her the desire and faith to reach out and touch His robe. Just a few short verses are written about this woman but her story has such an impact on my life. 

During the course of 2021, there were so many times I felt like I could relate to her.  There were so many times I just wanted the opportunity to reach out and touch the end of Jesus’ robe and be healed. 

Looking back now I realize the power that is found in this woman’s actions. Her journey to draw closer to Jesus came from her faith and her ability to join others that were pressing into Him in order to find healing. 

In my darkest season, for me to draw closer to Jesus meant I had to position myself to join others that were pressing into Him as well.  It meant I had to have faith in God’s ability to heal. I had to trust Him and rest in His power and strength. And in the times that I struggled to do that well, my community stepped in for me. 

This is why we are called to live out our faith with others. This is why we are called to intentionally press into Jesus together, showing empathy and love, bearing with one another, and confessing to one another. It’s through this that we effectively live in community with one another. It is through this that we press in together to draw one another closer to Jesus. 

Press into the community that brings you closer to the One who offers healing because healing is a journey we are all on together. 



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