In God's Timing

In God's Timing

We sometimes don’t understand the true ripple effect of our actions.

Where my mother got her rock-solid faith and steadfast endurance is a mystery to me. She didn’t have a mentor nor grow up in a Christian household, but if it weren’t for her, the stories that I have likely wouldn’t exist.

God had me pause my acting career at one point, but because of my mother, I wasn’t worried. I knew that whatever He was calling me to do could be trusted. I had faith that whatever the plan was, even if He never brought it back to me, He had something good in mind for my future.

He had actually let me know that season was coming, but I didn’t realize it at the time.

I was visiting my mom, and I had a weird dream that I was going to trash from my memory, but it was so weird that I wanted to share it with her first.

In the dream, I was trying to push my office chair through an ‘aisle,’ but there was a big white object in the way, something big and fridge-like, so instead of bothering someone and asking if they could help me, I backed up and tried pushing my chair down a different aisle (as if I first pushed up the right side of a “V” then back down to the point of the “V” and up the left side of the “V”).

Some guy saw me and told me to hold on.

All of a sudden, there were 3 or 4 Mexican men working on something. They started demolishing things that were in my path even though I didn’t need all of it gone. Then one of them told me to wait. The guys went to the other side of a swinging white door while I just stood at it. It could have easily been pushed open, but they told me to wait, so I waited.

Finally (it felt like a good while in the dream, but it really wasn’t), one of the guys came and got me. The rest of my acting class had joined me somehow, and when we walked through the swinging door, there was a HUGE buffet of food - so much that all of us could eat, and there would still be a ton left over.

I was floored. A massive wave of gratitude fell on me, and as I went up to each guy and thanked him, I couldn’t stop myself from crying - hard.

I only got to the 3rd guy before I woke up. When I did, the overwhelming gratitude was still fresh and deep in my body.

Here’s my mother’s interpretation of it (which she said had to be God because this comparison wouldn’t have come from her)…

Here I am trying to control my acting career/business (the office chair), and my ways aren’t working (pushing down the first aisle), trying to reach or surpass some goal (the white fridge). I need to stop trying to do my own thing and trust God’s path for me (the second aisle).

She said the men show how much favor is on me. She said it looks like God is getting a lot of things in order that I can’t see (behind the swinging door), and when He’s ready, the blessings (huge buffets) are going to be more than I ever imagined. I just have to be patient at that white door.

When she told me that, I knew she was right. I knew what the white fridge was in my life.

When it came time for God to pause my acting career, I obeyed, forgetting about my buffet dream.

Somewhere in the wait, I realized that the pause in my career was me waiting at that swinging door.

There was so much comfort in that.

When God finally brought me back into acting, He confirmed it very clearly, and immediately I was met with opportunities.

I know there’s still more in store, and I know that as I trust God and seek Him, He’ll reveal more and entrust me with more.

One of my mom’s frequent sayings is, “It has to be God’s timing.” That includes a lot of waiting.

If it weren’t for my mom’s faith, I wouldn’t have the level of faith I have. 

Mentors create a ripple effect, and because of her, I get to have a God story that hopefully encourages others to wait, obey, and have faith.




How do you trust God in your seasons of waiting? Waiting isn't always easy, especially while living in a culture where instant gratification is at our fingertips. But, God's timing will always be for our good and His glory. And, often our seasons of waiting is really a season of preparation. Can you relate to Venus' story? Do you know what it's like to be in season of waiting? Let's talk about it in the comments below!


About Venus:

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Venus Monique is an actor, a speaker, and the owner of a company that helps Christian actresses build their careers with integrity.

She recently started a production company with two other Christian actresses, and God's already given them their first film dealing with spiritual warfare.

Venus has earned numerous awards for her deep emotional range and sincere ability to bring characters to life. She plays a lead role in the internationally-known crime drama, Vindication (translated into over 11 languages) and has an on-set reputation for making others feel important.

She started acting in college when God told her to make it her career. After college, she moved to Austin, TX, so she could learn the industry, but even better than learning the craft of acting, God led her to her husband on one of the film sets, and they were married by Season 2.

Venus was recently selected to be a speaker in a women's conference based in Atlanta, GA, teaching Biblical leadership principles to women in business, followed by a speaking opportunity at a Christian Film Festival near Dallas, TX.

If you ever ask her to have coffee with you, she'll more than likely say yes! She loves meeting others, hearing their stories, sharing her knowledge, and building relationships with all of God's children.

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